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What You Need to Know Before Filing a Water and Mold Damage Claim

As the “Sunshine State,” Florida sees a lot more than just warm summers and rays of sunshine. Locals know Florida as home to many rainy days, pools of groundwater, and humidity that makes your hair puff up. This moisture affects more than just your day-to-day comfort levels. It can cause unavoidable water intrusion damage to all types of residential and commercial properties.

Property owners will go years without realizing their buildings have severe water damage. The longer this moisture lingers within a structure, the more likely the structure is to incur lasting consequences. Ever wonder where structural deterioration, rotting, and mold come from? Thank water damage. Once a building is victim to water intrusion damage, the structure is deemed dangerous. Floridians who work and live in these buildings are now exposed to dangerous conditions, leaving them susceptible to damaging health issues and fatal illnesses.

Before filing a water and mold damage claim with your insurance company, consider these relevant questions:

Where does the water and mold damage begin?

Often times, it is much easier for water intrusion damage to affect a new building that was built with construction or architectural flaws. For example, contractors who do not consider a wet Florida climate will not equip their buildings with a sustainable structure. Improper construction, which includes the use of faulty materials or damaged sealants, can also lead to future water damage. If the building is older in age, water intrusion damage could be due to improper work from an earlier repair project or structural wear and tear over time.

Who is to blame for a property’s water and mold damage?

No matter who is the owner of the building with severe water destruction, certain insurance policies will cover the damage. It is often challenging to prove if any one person is solely at fault for negligence and maintaining a dangerous structure.

What should I have prepared before speaking with an insurance agent?

Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to pay the least amount of money possible in compensation fees or building reparation costs. They will try to deny or delay claims in order to avoid handing over a payment. That being said, review your situation with a local attorney skilled in this field of law. The attorney can provide helpful insight regarding sly insurer tactics to lure you away from receiving your rightful compensation. Plus, the attorney will prepare you with the tools you need to fill out proper documentation to file your claim.

The road to fair compensation can be wet and sticky, but our team at The Law Firm of Cindy Goldstein can guide you safely through. As a proud servant of Floridians, Cindy Goldstein caters to the citizens of Broward County who have faced all the issues that come along with severe water and mold damage. Our team will fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve. Contact The Law Firm of Cindy Goldstein for a FREE legal consultation today.