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Read what our past clients have to say about us:

My experience with Cindy Goldstein was amazing since day number one! I called her office a few hours after someone rear-endend my car, and I was in a lot of pain! On the same day Cindy guided me through the whole process and scheduled me to see a doctor on that same day!! She is a excellent attorney, and she fought really hard to get me a very good compensatory settlement!

This is the only lawyer that will actually talk to you!! She also responds emails really fast!
Cindy and her staff are very professional and they went above and beyond to help me through my case! I saw the best doctors ever and I got my disbursement expedited by Cindy!!!

I was able to receive good treatment and also got the highest settlement possible for my case. This attorney is the kind of attorney you want to keep on your phone’s contacts forever. “Thank you Cindy Goldstein and staff for working so hard on my case” She is the best!!!

Deborah C.

“The staff at Cindy Goldstein’s office has been extremely professional. They have answered all my questions and have been very patient. I’m appreciative of their personal interest in me and attention to details.”

Baron C.

“Shiela was a pleasure to work with. She was helpful and patient and answered all of my questions. I particularly want to thank Cindy Goldstein for representing me so well. She had our daughters best interest at heart. If I need legal representation in the future, I would call Ms. Goldstein again!”

Judy K.

“I was very satisfied with Karen and Cindy from the beginning. They both explained my case in full detail and always kept me in the loop of each stage of the process. I would definitely recommend the practice to anyone who needs their services.”

Robyn B.

“The Law Office of Cindy Goldstein has been a pleasure to work with. They guided me through the entire process and worked diligently to get the best results. I am very satisfied with the results of my case and highly recommend Cindy and her staff to my friends and family.”

John D.

“Cindy A. Goldstein was a pleasure to work with. The staff made sure I received the best medical care south Florida has to offer. I am leaving extremely pleased with the settlement I received.”

Vanissa B.

“The Law Office of Cindy A. Goldstein was a very welcoming and friendly office to work with from the first day to the last. They answered any questions that I had at any time. The Firm was very responsive to my calls and emails and kept me updated at all times. I was really happy with all the work and help they gave me. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone.”

Cierra R.

“It was a long journey but they did their job professionally and diligently. They have patience and respect for their client and they exceed in order to get the most for the clients benefit.”

Hernan R.

“I am very pleased with the Law Office of Cindy A. Goldstein. They were extremely helpful in not only getting me the medial care I needed, but also the compensation necessary to continue care in the future. Jamie was informative, friendly and kind. I would recommend the Law Office of Cindy A. Goldstein to friends and family.”

Nicole M.

“I was referred through friends. Very good law firm, they treat you very well and they are very professional and kind. and I recommend. Thank you my friends.”

Giliarde D.

“Just want to thank the entire office of Cindy A. Goldstein for their timely attention and care of my needs when I needed their help. Very knowledgeable staff and always ready to help.”

Lincoln H.

“My experience with the law office of Cindy A. Goldstein has been professional and without stress. After I met with them and provided my information my case was handles with care. On my part my settlement was fair and handled with integrity.”

Linda B.

“Cindy Goldstein was exactly what we needed! A Bulldog. Thanks Cindy!”

Andre B.

“I am very appreciative for the firm’s work on my case and the personalized attention. I will be recommending to my friends. Thank you for all your work.”

Ramon Z.

“Cindy Goldstein and her staff were very professional the way they handled my case. I was very satisfied with their handling of my case. If I need a lawyer in the future I will go back to Cindy. And I highly recommend her to my friends. Very, very satisfied.”

Sonia S.

“I am very happy with your service, thanks for everything you do for me.”

Autel P.

“Everything handled by the Law Firm of Cindy A. Goldstein, P.A. is with excellence and professionalism.”

Margaret F.

“I’m very satisfied with the result of my case. I will definitely refer Cindy Goldstein to a friend.”

Leesy T.

“The Law Office of Cindy Goldstein has been a pleasure to work with. I was well represented and the staff was very professional. I was kept updated on the case at all times. I will definitely refer clients to the Law Office of Cindy Goldstein.”

Vejai A.

“I have to say that this firm has been very thorough with my case. I am grateful that the proverbial saying of no stone left unturned was exemplified in this process for me. If I ever need this firm again or know of anyone who would, I would call them or advise others to do so.”

Brigitte D.

“The Law Office of Cindy Goldstein offered a satisfactory service that was very critical to the process of collecting a claim. I am thankful for their services and would be glad to do business with them again.”

Channelee W.

“Cindy made a difficult situation simple and pleasant. She guided me through the process and put me at ease in an uncomfortable situation. Thank you for helping me reach a settlement.”

Linda B.

“The Law Office of Cindy Goldstein was a pleasure to work with. They guided me through the entire process and worked very diligently to get the best results for my case. I highly recommend using them if the need arises.”

Shana F.

“I want to congratulate the team of this law firm for the performance and dedication they put on my case. And I would recommend this law firm because they are trustworthy.”

Clayton S.

“The lawyers here are very professional, if any problems occur during your business and you need them they will try their best to help you in any which way they can keep up the good work.”

Maria S.