Your Personal Injury Attorney

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Firm Overview

Dealing with injuries that were caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless actions can not only be disheartening, but costly and potentially life-altering. Qualified and dedicated to helping personal injury victims throughout Southern Florida, Cindy A. Goldstein, P.A. is a firm that is driven to assist those in a time when they need it most. No matter whether you have been in a car accident or experienced harm from a defective product, Attorney Goldstein is more than prepared to consult with you regarding your options.

Working with Insurance Providers

Insurance companies are not easy to negotiate with and they are typically only looking to pay you as little as possible. Having a knowledgeable legal advocate there to look over your claim and work with your insurance provider can quite possibly get you a greater amount of financial restitution. Do not assume that your insurer is right and that you have no leverage to fight for your full claim amount. Our Coral Springs personal injury attorneys have what it takes to safeguard you and your loved ones from insurance bad faith practices.

Offering the Protection You Need

Offering a free case evaluation and a free consultation for potential clients, it is our desire to provide you with the legal assistance you deserve with as few costs as possible. We know that you may be hurting not only physically, but also financially as you are faced with exorbitant medical bills and potentially less income if you have had to miss work. It should not have to be your reasonability to have to pay for these things. Allow our team to protect your rights and seek to obtain the maximum compensation on your behalf.

Testimonials and Reviews

See some of our previous clients’ testimonials or read our reviews on Google online.

Nicole B.
Cindy is AMAZING!! Throughout the the entire process with my accident, she and her team were absolutely great to me. For part of my time spent with her I fell on hard times and couldn't stay in contact with her much but she never stopped reaching out. Team is very attentive and sweet, always putting their clients first with every decision being made. Highly recommend. Thank you again, Cindy!
John S.
I don't normally give out reviews, but in this case I felt compelled to give an honest appraisal of attorney Cindy Goldstein. When I first came to Cindy, I was badly injured in a car accident, and confused about which direction I needed to take to become whole again. Cindy and her team guided me through this grueling process with compassion, grace and wisdom. Her knowledge of the law is exceptional which is why I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.
Juan S.
I want to begin by saying thank you, thank you , thank you Cindy Goldstein, I don’t have enough word to describe how thankful my family and i are to you and your team for your great service, caring, dedication and professionalism on handling my injury case, you worked very very hard and fought for my rights and obtained for us a very nice compensation which we will be forever thankful to you, and for those in need of a personal injury attorney , I highly recommend Cindy Goldstein for your representation, you will not find any other attorney as good, caring and diligent like her, you will not regret and will be happy with the results like I am. 🙂