Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

Coral Springs Slip/Trip and Fall Injury Lawyer

A slip and fall or trip and fall injury can occur anywhere, on both public and private property, resulting in serious injuries to the victim. If such injuries were the consequence of negligence by the property owner or manager, then the victim may initiate legal action against them. If you or someone you know has sustained serious injuries due to the negligence of a property owner in Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, or the surrounding communities, please contact me as soon as possible for a consultation. As a Coral Springs injury attorney, I can provide the legal assistance you may need in the aftermath of such an injury. I focus my practice exclusively on personal injury cases. Because of this, I am extremely well-versed in the laws, court decisions, court systems, and legal procedures pertaining to this area.

When you speak with me about your accident and injuries, I can determine what legal steps may be initiated on your behalf. Because my firm is a small, intimate one, you will receive the personalized attention and service you need and deserve. You will also benefit from the commitment I make to each and every client I represent to fully address your case, to protect your legal rights, and to aggressively advance your interests, whether in negotiating for a settlement or taking your case to civil court.

Negligence in Slip / Trip and Fall Injury Cases

Negligence has to do with the personal care an individual did or did not take in causing an injury to another. In general, the law requires that everyone take reasonable care or precautions to avoid injuries to others. If, for instance, the property owner knew about a dangerous or hazardous condition on his property and failed to correct that condition, he may be charged as negligent if a visitor or customer is injured due to the condition. In such a case, the property owner may be liable for damages connected to the injuries sustained by the visitor.

If you retain my services as a Coral Springs / Pompano Beach slip/trip and fall injury lawyer, I will make every effort to achieve a favorable outcome to your case.