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A PIP (personal injury protection) lawsuit is filed by an attorney on behalf of an injury victim or medical provider against an insurance company that provides personal injury protection benefits when the insurance company denies or reduces those benefits. An insurance company may assert that charges for a medical treatment or procedure are not justified. If you are an accident victim or a medical provider who has been denied payment from an insurance company for personal injury protection in Coral Springs or Pompano Beach, please contact me for a consultation about your case. As a Coral Springs / Pompano Beach PIP litigation lawyer, I represent clients in civil suits against insurance companies to recover payments for medical treatments.

PIP Litigation

Most auto insurance policies contain personal injury protection coverage, which covers the medical expenses incurred after a car or truck accident for the policy holder. This personal injury protection is to take care of all necessary and reasonable medical treatment that the policy holder expects to have if he or she is to recover from these injuries. When the auto insurance company delays payment, makes only partial payment, or refuses to cover a medical expense, then the medical providers who expect reimbursement for their services can either sue the patient for the monies they are due or PIP litigation can be initiated on behalf of the medical provider and/or the policy holder.

Not all personal injury attorneys can provide this important legal service. As a Coral Springs / Pompano Beach PIP litigation attorney, it is my mission to aggressively fight for your legal rights and benefits due you as a policy holder or medical provider. Helping accident victims receive the financial compensation due them for medical treatment is an area to which I have devoted my entire practice. Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss your PIP litigation as soon as possible.