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Best Tips to Avoid an Accident for Drivers Sharing the Road with Semi-Trailer Trucks

Semi-trailer trucks can be monstrous. On average, a semi-trailer truck is 48 feet long. Additionally, semi-trailer trucks can be nearly 20 times the weight of an average passenger car. It’s no wonder truck drivers have trouble navigating these large and heavy vehicles. When drivers do not exercise the necessary level of caution when passing other cars, they can make streets or highways much more dangerous. That’s why passenger car drivers should practice these tips when they are sharing the road with semi-trailer trucks.

Keep the legal speed limit: Anxieties may run high once passenger car drivers realize they are sharing the road with a semi-trailer truck. An anxious driver will likely overlook typical driving safety precautions, like keeping the legal speed limit. Unfortunately, driving at a higher speed limit can negatively affect a driver’s control of the car. Passenger car drivers cannot predict the driving habits of others on the road. To avoid a dangerous truck accident, keep calm and follow the road’s speed limit. It’s the law.

Be aware of your surroundings: When a passenger car driver shares the road with a large truck, that car may be subject to unpredictable behavior by the semi-trailer truck. Depending on the highway, semi-trailer trucks may be restricted to only driving in the middle lanes or the right lane; however, some truck drivers do not abide by these regulations. Be mindful of the semi-trailer truck’s behavior while navigating the road.

Refrain from tailgating: Tailgating is never recommended when operating a vehicle, especially when tailgating involves a semi-trailer truck. What exactly is tailgating? This means one car is driving closely behind another. Tailgating is dangerous because debris may fall off of a semi-trailer truck and onto your vehicle, you may not have enough space to see the road in front of you, and you may not have ample time to brake in case of an emergency.

Avoid sharing the road during poor weather conditions: Semi-trailer trucks are more likely to be involved in accidents when weather conditions are less than ideal. Avoid sharing the road with these trucks when heavy rain, wind, or snow occur. If you need to exit a highway or deviate from your directions to create distance between your car and a truck, do so.

Exercise responsible driving habits: As always, a passenger car driver should exercise responsible driving habits and abide by Florida law. This means no texting while driving; no drinking and driving; using appropriate turning signals and safety lights; and wearing your seatbelt.

Even if you are as careful as can be while driving, you are still not guaranteed that same level of caution by others sharing the road. That being said, if you were injured in a semi-trailer truck accident or another commercial vehicle accident, Cindy Goldstein can help you. The Law Firm of Cindy Goldstein has reached dozens of positive verdicts for her clients through Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County; and she can do the same for you.

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